Fat White Family are back and soon to release Serf's Up!, which will be their first album for Domino Records (out 4/19). Both frontman Lias Saoudi and on-again-off-again member Saul Adamczewski spent time with respective side projects The Moonlandingz and Insecure Men over the last couple years, but reconvened at their own Champzone studios in Sheffield, UK which is the group's new home base. "Moving up to Sheffield was an important part of making Serfs Up! - just creating a space where we could make a great album. It was the product of an exodus out of London," Lias told The Quietus who adds they tried to reign in their debaucherous reputation. "It was a heroin-free zone. That was important. Don't get me wrong, it's not like we weren't doing drugs at all but none of that other stuff."

Lias also says Serf's Up!, which features a guest appearance by Baxter Dury, is FWF's "most pop by far." First single "Feet" bares that out, sounding more like Depeche Mode than Mark E Smith this time around, with a little autotune and Gregorian chanting to spice things up. You can listen to that, and check out album art and tracklist, below.


1. Feet
2. I Believe In Something Better
3. Vagina Dentata
4. Kim’s Sunsets
5. Fringe Runner
6. Oh Sebastian
7. Tastes Good With The Money
8. Rock Fishes
9. When I Leave
10. Bobby’s Boyfriend

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