Father John Misty has just shared a new song titled "Mr. Tillman," which seems to be mostly sung from the point of view of a hotel's staff to the singer. "You left your passport in the mini-fridge," "don't leave your mattress in the rain, you sleep on the balcony," and "Jason Isbell’s here, as well/And he seemed a little worried about you" are just a few of the things they need to let him know.

The song comes with no info but Tillman told Uncut last year that his new album was written mostly while living in a hotel and recorded it with Foxygen's Jonathan Rado. He also called it "the real I Love You, Honeybear but without the cynicism." The YouTube link seems like it's just a no-video track at first but if you watch, that changes about halfway through. Check it out below.

FJM's Pure Comedy was released just over a year ago.