London artist Fauness has announced a new EP, Maiden No More, due out October 8 via Cascine. It was co-produced by Jam City, and the name comes from the second section of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D’Urbervilles. She's shared the first single, "Dragonfly," a shimmery, gauzy pop confection, and it's accompanying video, which she co-directed with Aarony Bailey. Watch it below.

On her Instagram, Fauness writes, "In more than one ancient culture, the dragonfly is a symbol of transformation. After hatching under water, dragonflies begin their sentient lives as water bugs (nymphs). Staying underwater until fully grown, the nymphs look nothing like the dragonflies we know. When they’re ready to mature, their skin splits and the nymph acquires its new and final look. Actually not quite, because over the next few months their sexual organs and wings continue to develop and take on dazzling new colours! Their status in myth is more flattering in Non-Western cultures (Japanese, Navajo to name only 2). Europeans often saw dragonflies as agents of the devil. They have been called the “devil’s horse”… One German folktale involves a young woman who was far too independent for her own good. She rode around on her horse all day and didn’t do what people expected her to do as a young woman of marriageable age… Riding through the forest at night she ran over a little man who cursed her for her disobedience, yelling, 'May you always be joined to your horse as one!' Together, the wild girl and her horse became the dragonfly."

Fauness - Maiden No More

Fauness - Maiden No More Tracklist
1. Arduous Journeys Undertaken Alone
2. Dragonfly
3. Arrow
4. It Gets Better

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