Chicago experimental/industrial/doom/etc act Fearsore is the project of Wiley Wells, who handles engineering, sound design, programming, field recordings, manipulation, guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals, and Wiley's upcoming release Wetworks was made with assistance from John E. Bomher Jr. (Theyrgy, Yakuza) on co-mixing/co-production and Jim Bresnahan and Joe Starita on additional guitars. Wiley cites Swans, Godflesh, Pigface, Killing Joke, Copshootcop, Samael, Skinny Puppy, Paradise Lost, and Foetus as influences, and if you like those bands, you're probably gonna like the dark, dreary, out-there sounds of Fearsore's new single "Dissent 2020."

"'Dissent 2020' is a reimagining of the opening track from the 2015 album Dissent:descent featuring Jim Bresnahan (Cianide, Contagion) on guitars," Wiley tells us. "The song itself embodies the notion that we are enslaved by the cages of ideals, false sense of control, and a lacking of self realization. Dissent takes it further by proposing a rejection of these shackles and that the potential for possible ruin - loss - fatality is universal. To accept the chaos of the uncertain gives way to freedom and possibility. I would like to think that, musically speaking; the textures and arrangement embody that progression of that thought and end with no traditional resolve, but a hint of possibility. Just as valid today as it was when it was originally conceived, it’s never too late to ruin."


I. Incubation
II. Dissent 2020
III. Alpha Omega (CD-only bonus track)
IV. Music To Travel Where One Would Not Like To Go

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