Fences (aka Seattle musician Christopher Mansfield) is releasing a new EP, Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble, on April 30 via ENCI. He recently released lead single "Boot Height," and we're now premiering second single "Fake Snow." Fences has made a few different types of music over the years, and these songs are both breezy, rustic, big-hearted indie folk songs that should appeal to fans of Lord Huron, Manchester Orchestra, and other stuff of that ilk.

Speaking about "Fake Snow," Christopher said to us, "'Father' to me is such a large word. In the name of the father, the father the son and the Holy Ghost. It’s an almost non gender based energy that looms above and guides us. When I say 'you’ve killed me' it’s me almost saying father took the guardian angels off pay roll. In this way perhaps the song is me cursing out this vague heavy energy I felt rejected by at times. All the same, I’m also apologizing because we can never truly hate our father because then we would hate ourselves. The cold river cannot hate the mountain it melted from. The video was difficult to consider because the concept to me remains vague. I just stood and lived and we made angelic art around me. Putting halos where they don’t belong. In a larger sense I think my job is putting halos where they don’t belong."

Speaking previously about "Boot Height" and the EP overall, he said, "Clearly animals are a great analogy for love and death and the middle part of human experience. The EP feels like this. It was made quickly and with no intention other than to fill the room with something beautiful. It was myself and Dru and Adam. I remember laughter after tracking certain parts. It was a joy, truly. The EP is the middle part and the steam. The elk. ‘Boot Height’ however is the beginning before the beginning. The past life. A love so bold that it transfers. Like when your grandmother comes back as a hummingbird."

Watch the videos for both songs below...


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