A new collection of Clash frontman Joe Strummer‘s solo work was just released and now Fender has launched the Joe Strummer Collection featuring two signature guitars, as well as gear and merch. The two guitars are: an electric, the Joe Strummer Esquire, which is a recreation of his guitar of choice in the London Calling era and is detailed with a black racing stripe, “Bourbon Street” sticker and custom relic finish; and the Joe Strummer Campfire Acoustic, which was named after campfires Strummer hosted at the Glastonbury festival.

“Joe Strummer changed music forever, including for myself personally in my own musical journey” says Fender’s Justin Norvell in a statement. “He is inexorably linked to Fender, so we wanted to honor that with not only one, but two brand new and unique Artist Signature Series guitars. The Joe Strummer Campfire acoustic is the perfect offering for songwriters, Strummer fans and acoustic players at all levels looking for a versatile instrument with unique specs, while the Joe Strummer Esquire serves as the ultimate tribute to a player and a guitar which shaped the sounds of thousands following in his footsteps.”

Lucinda Tate, Joe Strummer’s widow, writes, “Joe’s Fender guitars were a huge part of his life and, of course, his music. Now feels the right time to collaborate with Fender on these commemorative guitars, as we take a moment to reflect on everything Joe and his music achieved. Joe would be immensely proud of them, and excited to hear what they can do in the hands of music lovers around the world.”

Additionally Fender is also selling some Joe Strummer gear, including guitar straps, cords and picks. You can watch a video about the guitars below.

joe strummer collection

joe strummer esquire

joe strummer fender merch