Even if you aren't familiar with UK singer/songwriter Fenne Lily by name, you may have heard her wonderful voice on Aldous Harding's great 2017 album Party, which features Fenne on "The World Is Looking For You." Fenne is now set to release her own debut album, On Hold, next week (4/6) (pre-order), and it includes some co-production by PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish and mixing by Ali Chant, both of whom worked on Party too. It also features production from Tamu Massif and James Thorpe.

Fenne has already released six of the eleven songs, and we're now premiering a seventh, "Car Park" (listen above). Here's what Fenne tells us about it:

I'll be the first to admit that my songs are far from uplifting, but while "Car Park" chronicles yet another period of false hope and turmoil, it was written following the realisation that damaging patterns are enabled and suffered by the passive. I cannot and will not blame my heartache on anyone but myself, so this isn't a song about pain, it's a song about power; about putting the ball in your own court; about knowing when to wave goodbye to the things that make you ache in order to make space for those that help you grow.

It's immediately clear from listening to these songs that Fenne is a force. Her voice can soar or change to a quiet warble or a featherlight falsetto, and her tone is truly gorgeous. The songs exist somewhere between '60s psychedelic folk and modern-day indie rock (Champs are her backing band on the album), and they should appeal to fans of both of those sounds.

Listen to her six previously-released songs below. Fenne also has a tour (UK/Europe only) and all dates are listed on the flyer below.