by Bill Pearis

Fergus & Geronimo

Fergus & Geronimo will release their second album, Funky Was the State of Affairs, on August 7 via Hardly Art and are having a NYC record release party at 285 Kent on August 10 with openers The Peoples Temple (who were just here playing the Seaport), Family Curse and Mannequin Pussy.

The band, originally from Texas, moved to Brooklyn two years ago and left their '60s soul records at their old apartment and picked up some Devo and Spizzenergi records on the drive here. Funky Was the State of Affairs seems to be some weirdo concept record jam-packed with spiky, skronky keyboard-y new wave with occasional completely over-the-top English accents. I haven't quite figured out what the concept is, exactly, but the songs are all incredibly catchy and inventive. You can tell they had fun making this one. You can download "Roman Tick" at the top of this post.

Cover art and tracklisting for Funky Was the State of Affairs is below.


Fergus & Geronimo - Funky Was the State of Affairs
Funky Was the State of Affairs

01. Planet Earth is Pregnant for the 5th Time
02. No Parties
03. The Strange One Speaketh
04. Roman Tick
05. "My Phone's Been Tapped, Baby"
06. Roman Nvmerals / Wiretapping Muzak I
07. Spies
08. Earthling Men
09. The Uncanny Valley
10. Earthling Women
11. Drones
12. Wiretapping Muzak II
13. Off the Map
14. "The Roman Stuff is Where it's At"
15. Marky Move
16. Funky Was the State of Affairs

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