Fever Ray, the solo project of The Knife's Karin Dreijer, hasn't released a record since 2009, but signs are pointing to that changing very soon. Two short, decidedly weird/creepy videos with what sounds like new music have been released via Fever Ray's socials, just in time for Halloween. The first, titled "Switch Seeks Same," came out earlier this week, looking very much like a late-night TV ad, touting something called "Karma Kinksters" with this message:

Sadist, empathetic switch seeks same. For hours of sharing: ideas, skin warmth, breath, politics, dreams and body fluids.

It’s been eight years and much has been learned and unlearned. Eight years of defeat and growth, eight years of caring and being cared for, eight years of loving and being loved.

Let's embrace our deepest fears together, let's throw ourselves into whatever is out there waiting for us, let's yes to all.

It also gives a Swedish phone number that if you call, a creepy voice asks if you're lonely and to leave a message at the beep.

Then today (10/18) the second video, titled "A New Friend," was released, showing a ghoulish person calling the number (with a cherry red stiletto shoe phone) and growling into it, followed by a good thirty seconds of a cool-sounding new song. Both of these "ads" use the world "Plunge." Maybe the name of the new Fever Ray record? Watch below and stay tuned.



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