Amazing hardcore (and more) show just announced for Asbury Park this December: Fiddlehead, Mindforce, One Step Closer, Hotline TNT, and Reaching Out are playing House of Independents on 12/10. That's one hell of a bill, and tickets are on sale now.

That's just one week after Fiddlehead and Mindforce play Triple B Records' America's Hardcore Fest in Boston. Those are Fiddlehead's only two shows at the moment, and Mindforce have just one other date: a hometown-area record release show for New Lords on October 22 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie. "We playing mad NEW LORDS joints at our upcoming shows," Mindforce say.

One Step Closer, meanwhile, are in the midst of wrapping up their tour with Movements, Angel Du$t, and Snarls.

In related news, Basement (who share a member with Fiddlehead) just announced a 10th anniversary expanded reissue Of Colourmeinkindness, and we've got an exclusive purple & black swirl vinyl variant. We've also got an exclusive marble variant of Fiddlehead's Springtime and Blind as part of our exclusive Furnace Fest collection.


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