Fiddlehead's tour hit Brooklyn for a show at Market Hotel on Sunday night (9/19). In an interview with The FADER ahead of the release of their excellent sophomore album Between the Richness, vocalist Pat Flynn said he "was conscious of the live experience" while making the album. That really came through at the show, where the crowd started going nuts from the first note of the first song (like on the album, they played a recitation of a few lines of E.E. Cummings' [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in] to start things off) and never let up. Declaring the band as standing against death and depression, Flynn's impassioned delivery had the crowd screaming the words right back at him, on both the new songs and on their older material.

Opening Sunday night's show were Ekulu and Blair, both of whom recently supported Turnstile, and Philadelphia hardcore band Action News (members of Jesus Piece, Nothing, Creepoid, etc). See pictures from the whole show, and watch full-set video of Fiddlehead's Saturday show in Philadelphia, below.

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