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Have Heart/Basement-related post-hardcore band Fiddlehead have shared the second single off their anticipated sophomore album Between The Richness, following "Million Times" (which we named one of the best punk songs of March). This one's called "Heart to Heart," and it finds Fiddlehead pushing their sound in some exciting new directions. "Million Times" felt like an instantly-satisfying, anthemic crowdpleaser -- a great pick for the lead single -- but "Heart to Heart" is a darker, more atmospheric, more shapeshifting song that recalls the arty side of mid '90s post-hardcore. Vocalist Pat Flynn says:

The lyrics to this song serve as both a letter to my children on how to communicate with me after I eventually move on into whatever comes after death, and an imagined conversation with my own father who is now 11 years gone. Essentially, it’s a song about finding ways to reconnect with those we love, despite the hard barriers between life and death. The music has this feel of infinity to it. I remember hearing the ending for the first time and having the emotional impulse to tear through the channels of time and speak with the people who have gone into the unknown. That felt appropriate for the type of message I was trying to write.

That powerful message really comes through in Pat's impassioned delivery on this song; when he brings his voice to a throat-shredding scream on the coda, it really feels like it's coming straight from the heart. Listen below.

Between The Richness comes out May 21 via Run For Cover, and you can pre-order it on blue & white galaxy swirl vinyl in the BrooklynVegan store. See a mock-up of the colored variant below.