Yesterday, during a podcast interview, Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher went off on a tirage about how he refuses to wear masks during the pandemic, saying, "I don’t give a fuck, I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus, it’s on me."

A lot of people took to social media to point out that Noel is missing the point of wearing a mask. One of those was Field Music's David Brewis, who posted a video of himself playing a song titled "Oh Noel." Written very much in the Oasis style, the catchy little ditty goes "Oh Noel, it's not about whether you catch it, you stupid knob / it's more about if you've got it asymptomatically / and you pass it on to somebody who dies / you stupid shit." Brewis ends that last line with a wink.

Watch that below, and wear a mask!