photos by Greg Cristman

Field Music at Rough TradeField Music @ Rough Trade, 3/26/2016

Field Music are quintessentially English without ever flying a Union Jack. It's a pastoral Englishness, more All Creatures Great and Small than Oasis, with more than a hint of prog and dry, dry wit. Few current bands do it better. Saturday's show at Rough Trade was the UK band's first NYC show in six years, officially here promoting this year's great Commontime (their best yet) but they didn't tour here for 2012's Plumb, so they had two albums worth of never-played-here songs to choose from. They still favored Commontime, knocking out the album's two singles ("The Noisy Days are Over" and "Disappointed") within the first three songs, and hitting a handful of other highlights. They also played a few choice older songs too -- "Them Who Do Nothing" and early single "If Only the Moon Were Up" in particular -- and everything sounded seriously great. (Setlist below.) One of my favorite shows of 2016 to date.

Opening were The Effects, the new band from Devin Ocampo who you might know from Dischord acts Faraquet and Beauty Pill, among other bands. The trio were as technically precise indie rock as you can imagine, good stuff. I missed the first band Imaginary People, but pics from their and The Effects' set, as well as more of Field Music, below.


Imaginary People

The Effects

Field Music

SETLIST: Field Music @ Rough Trade 3/26/2016
The Noisy Days Are Over
I'm Glad
Let's Write A Book
Don't You Want to Know What's Wrong
A House Is Not A Home
It's A Good Thing
Who'll Pay the Bills?
Them That Do Nothing
If Only The Moon Were Up
How Many More Times?
Just Like Everyone Else
Stay Awake
(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing