Field Music released historical-based concept album Making a New World this time last year, and they're currently putting the finishing touches on their next record. While brothers Peter and David Brewis haven't announced details on the album, they have an early taste via terrific new single "Orion from the Street."

With fretless bass and big, crashing drums, this recalls early-'80s prog pop like Peter Gabriel and Bill Nelson, a style Field Music have dipped into before (Tones on Town, Commontime). Says Peter, "I wrote it in a daze - it's full of accidental quotes and allusions - the first couple of lines I overheard in a Cary Grant documentary but they sum up the whole song - how intense impressions of love, hate, grief and guilt can be an almost hallucinatory experience." It's a gorgeous, dazzling number and you can listen below.

Meanwhile, Field Music have announced fall UK tour dates for October. "I don’t know about you but I’m ready to see some tiny glimmers of light the horizon," says David. "It would be nice to have a few things to look forward to, wouldn’t it? Well, all things being equal, we are heading out on a UK tour in October. October sounds plausible, doesn’t it? We hope very much we can see you out there. We’ll make sure the merch table is fully stocked with hand sanitizer."

Dates are listed in their tour flyer below.

field music - orion from the street

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