Field Music, aka brothers Peter & David Brewis, have shared a new single from their upcoming eighth album, Flat White Moon. "Not When You're In Love" takes a complicated look at the idea that you view the world around you differently when you're in love, set to an equally complex prog-pop backing. So complex that Peter, who wrote it, admits the piano part is too complex for him to actually play live. Nonetheless, it's a gorgeously arranged song that really sinks in after a couple of listen -- you can watch the video for it below.

Meanwhile, the Brewises have launched a the Field Musicast podcast around Flat White Moon, and they've just shared the third episode that uses "Not When You're In Love" as a jumping off point to discuss "cinematography with Joni Mitchell and Mark Knopfler, the Scritti Politti/Grange Hill crossover, respecting but not understanding jazz, and the capaciousness of the human mind." Listen to that below.

Flat White Moon is out April 23 via Memphis Industries.