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Final Fantasy (singer, composer, and arranger Owen Pallett) is known for his process-based experimental-pop solo violin performances, which allow the audience to witness the construction of his densely textured, layered, intricately polyphonic songs in real-time. For this new project, Final Fantasy presents a dynamic set of live violin and electronics with musician and composer Matt Smith. Through a complex sampling and spatialization process that is half-rehearsed and half-improvised, Pallett and Smith re-create a site-specific version of the more dissonant and abstract Final Fantasy repertoire. [The show at the Kitchen called] Ffiinnaall Ffaannttaassyy also anticipates the forthcoming release of Heartland, the follow-up to Final Fantasy's recent Polaris Prize-winning album, He Poos Clouds.

Feb 06 - Final Fantasy & Matt Smith @ The Kitchen (tix)
Feb 07 - Final Fantasy & Matt Smith @ The Kitchen (tix)
Feb 28 - Final Fantasy, Grizzly Bear & Brooklyn Philharmonic (tix)

Final Fantasy released two EP's in 2008. Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste listed then on his top 10 of 2008. Owen Pallett's top 10 of 2008, and his new Final Fantasy video, below...

Final Fantasy - Blue Imelda

Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy)'s Top 10 of 2008
1. cologne on men
2. cooking at home
3. Toronto
4. Nico Muhly's "Mothertongue"
5. musical theatre
6. This quote: "Le jour de suicide de mon fils, je me suis falt des oeufs a la tomate." Ha
7. Minner Riperton
8. the French novelist Honore de Balzac
9. Berber Whiskey
10. DIY mellotron

That list via The Pop Manifesto (where you'll also find explanations)

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