Final Fantasy @ Webster Hall (02/01/05)
Final Fantasy @ Webster Hall

By now you already know about Final Fantasy aka Owen Pallet (I think). He's the young, blonde, Canadian singing violinist that toured, and played with, the Arcade Fire on their last tour. Win Butler called him one of his favorite song writers at the Webster Hall show.

The Final Fantasy CD is not easy to get, but it's worth tracking down. You can try ordering it here or pick it up at a show (yes, if you search hard enough, the MP3s are out there too). In the meantime, you'll want to run over to Pregnant Without Intercourse to download what might be the greatest track on the album (and one I've listened to over and over), "This is the Dream of Win and Regine." Yep. Win and Regine = the loving couple that head up The Arcade Fire. Nope. That's not why I think it's cool. [that just makes it better ;) ]

Before we really knew who Owen was....3 LONG months ago...he wowed us with his Joanna Newsom cover, which is also still available for download.

UPDATE: Get another Final Fantasy track here.

And before there was Final Fantasy, there was Les Mouches. And if you like Final Fantasy, you should also like Les Mouches. And if you like Xiu Xiu AND Final Fantasy, then you should really love Les Mouches. Thanks Owen for posting two tracks for download. "You're Worth More to Me Than 1000 Christians" is another CD that's been making my ears happy a lot lately.

Win introduces Owen @ Webster Hall (02/01/05)
Final Fantasy @ Webster Hall

This site has Les Mouches CDs.

You can download a one minute, low quality, video of Final Fantasy covering the Arcade Fire at this shady site.

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