Finland’s Tryer make whiplash-inducing punk with just a dash of metal, and they’re gearing up to release their fourth album Ei Kuole Koskaan on April 12 via Suicide Records (pre-order). The album was recorded by the band and Mikael Neves, and it was mixed by Converge’s Kurt Ballou. “To achieve [our most intense and best sounding album to date], we chose to work with Kurt Ballou who combines awesome professional quality with dirt, grit and haste that is the essence of Tryer’s chaotic world… I think you can hear the process in the songs as sounding spontaneous and surprising, but still consistent,” says guitarist Tuomas. You can get a taste of that from the new single “Zen,” a ripping dose of shouty punk that sounds like it could’ve come from the ’80s SoCal scene, but with Martyrdod-style leads in the mix. Talking about this song, singer Jussi tells us:

As opposed to avoiding pain, trying find constant happiness and truth, it’s much more comforting to realize that some things are out of our hands and we can’t find the everlasting inner peace and a life without pain. Pain, as a part of being alive and giving it it’s legitimate place in our lives as a passing feeling, makes it much more understandable and easier to handle. Zen is something that you shouldn’t try to find, like pain, it will find you.

The new song premieres below.

Tryer also have upcoming dates in Finland, including two shows with The Queers. All dates are listed below.

Tryer — 2019 Tour Dates
4/12/2019 Kuudes Linja – Helsinki, FI * Record Release Show w/ The Queers, Häiriköt, Lähtevät Kaukajunat
4/13/2019 Olympia – Tampere, FI * Record Release Show w/ The Queers, Häiriköt, Lähtevät Kaukajunat
4/19/2019 Monari – Kannus, FI
4/20/2019 Tukikohta – Oulu, FI
5/03/2019 Elämän Kevät Festivaali – Tampere, FI w/ Sur-Rur
5/24/2019 Bar15 – Seinäjoki, FI w/ Sur-Rur
5/25/2019 Brummi – Rauma, FI w/ Sur-Rur
5/31/2019 TVO – Turku, FI w/ Sur-Rur
6/01/2019 Leipätehdas – Vaasa, FI w/ Sur-Rur
719-20/2019 LPRHC Fest – Lappeenranta, FI