There were protests all over the U.S. (and the world) this weekend demanding justice for George Floyd and an end to systematic racism and police brutality. In Santa Monica, among the protestors was Fiona Apple who carried a sign that read "COPS: DON'T BE WHITE CHAUVINISTS ARREST THE OTHER THREE!!!"

Fiona's housemate, filmmaker Zelda Hallman, took the picture above and wrote: "Getting justice for Mr. George Floyd is just the beginning of a VERY long road of dismantling racism in our institutions. But let’s get that justice. By the way, this was a peaceful protest but the police decided to change that and then I came home and watched a @cnn corespondent outright lie about what was happening. Let’s get justice for Mr. Floyd and then we continue to tackle the rest of it. Justice is needed. Justice is required. Justice will not be denied."

You can watch video of Fiona in the march below.

The Santa Monica protest was by all accounts peaceful, but there was looting later at a nearby shopping center. ABC 7 reports that Santa Monica officials stressed that they "did not believe most of the looters were associated with the protest."

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