Bob Dylan's anticipated new album Rough and Rowdy Ways comes out this Friday (6/19) via Columbia, and in addition to including his excellent singles "Murder Most Foul" and "I Contain Multitudes," it's been confirmed that the album features contributions from Fiona Apple and her frequent collaborator Blake Mills.

A tweet showing what appears to be a screenshot of the musicians who play on the album has been making the rounds on Twitter, and one of Dylan's reps confirms to Pitchfork that the screenshot is accurate, though the specific contributions are still being kept under wraps.

The tweet also credits Charlie Sexton (guitar), Bob Britt (guitar), Donnie Herron (steel guitar, violin, accordion), Tony Garnier (bass), and Matt Chamberlain (drums) as Dylan's core band, and the additional musicians are Fiona, Blake, Benmont Tench, Alan Pasqua, and Tommy Rhodes.