Bob's Burgers has found ways to involve some of our favorite musicians through the years, from The National and St. Vincent appearing on the 2017 Bob's Burgers Music Album to Sleater-Kinney featuring Tina and the gang on their animated "A New Wave" video. As Pitchfork points out, Sunday night's (10/20) Halloween episode, titled "Pig Trouble in Little Tina," saw Gene wearing a very punny costume: "Fiona Applesauce," aka "Fiona Apple's saucy aunt." That was, perhaps, foreshadowing for a familiar voice on the end credits: Fiona Apple, singing a song about the episode. Read the lyrics below, and listen to the song (and watch the whole episode) on FOX.

There’s an oink, oink in the night
And it gives you such a fright
He’s got a tail that’s curly
And he’s coming for you, girly
You got pig trouble
Pig trouble, little Tina
And you can try your best to shout
When you’re smooching on that snout
But you kissed a fetal pig
And now you two are boyfriend-girlfriend
You got pig trouble
Pig trouble, little Tina

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