Exciting news: it looks like new music from Fiona Apple may be imminent! She's released only a few songs since her 2012 album The Idler Wheel..., most recently making a guest appearance on King Princess's cover of her song "I Know," but as Pitchfork reports, Fiona reveals that she's recording in her home studio in a pair of new videos. In the first, archived by a fan instagram account after being deleted from Tumblr, Fiona whispers, "Are we recording? Are we doing vocals?... I think we are," to her dog. "OK, we need to get back to work now," she continues. "You don’t need to go to a studio.... You could just do stuff in your house, and then nobody can tell you what to do."

The second video, posted to Tumblr on Sunday, is accompanied with the note, "make sure to say it’s my sloppy percussion,because I know I’m sloppy…"


Earlier this year, Fiona appeared at a Chris Cornell tribute show in LA, where she performed "All Night Thing" with members of Temple of the Dog.