Irish folk singer Fionn Regan is releasing his new album Cala on August 9 via Abbey Records. He wrote and performed it entirely by himself at his home near Dublin, the same place he wrote his debut album. Lead single "Collar of Fur" is due out later this summer, but first here's an acoustic video of Fionn performing the new song. Hearing Fionn in this stripped-down, bare-bones mode is always great, and "Collar of Fur" is no exception. "Songs are mysterious to me… they arrive and to try to explain beyond the song’s own narrative is nearly impossible," Fionn says. "It brings things back to Spanish guitar which has always been central for me." Watch/listen below. Fionn also mentions that a lyric video for the album version made by Eric Timothy Carlson and Aaron Anderson is on the way.

Fionn also has one upcoming show in London on October 7.

1. Collar Of Fur
2. Head Swim
3. Riverside Heights
4. The Ocean Wave
5. Volca
6. Cala
7. Brass Locket
8. Hunting Dog
9. Glaciers
10. Under The Waves / Tokyo

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