Michigan emo/pop punk band Fireworks went on hiatus in 2015 after releasing their third album, Oh, Common Life (on Triple Crown), and today they re-appeared with a tweet pointing to the website higherlonelypower.com, where they're streaming a new song, "Demitasse." It's very different from anything they've done before; it's a soaring, post-rocky song fueled by somber piano, ambient textures, sputtering percussion, and choir-like vocal harmonies. It isn't even remotely any offshoot of "punk" until about five minutes in, and even at that point, it's a much more majestic thing than your average emo/pop punk band. If Fireworks are planning a full reunion and more music like this, then they found a very, very good reason to come back. Listen here.

Update: you can also now stream the song via Bandcamp below. Fireworks also revealed they'll have a new album called Higher Lonely Power out in 2020.

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