Fischerspooner's first album in eight years, SIR, is due out September 22 and as you may remember was co-written and co-produced by Michael Stipe. Casey Spooner talked about the collaboration with Artforum:

Michael Stipe has been a complete and utter revelation in our process because we’ve never trusted a producer; we’ve always controlled everything ourselves. There’s a new naturalism in our music; we kind of equate it to a ’70s Lou Reed record like Berlin. It doesn’t sound like that, but there are just a lot of flaws. Michael was obsessed with making sure we didn’t airbrush the vocals too much. He wanted it to feel human, and so the vocals are dry and unaffected.

Spooner also talks about what Fischerspooner is, exactly, and his working relationship with Warren Fischer in a video interview you can watch, along with the new album's first video ("Have Fun Tonight"), below.

Fischerspooner will play Brooklyn Steel on October 27, which they're calling the "NYC premiere" and is their first show here since 2009. Tickets for that show are on sale now go on sale today at noon. It's currently their only live date but there's currently a Fischerspooner art exhibit going on in Austria.


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