When Fit for an Autopsy guitarist Patrick Sheridan pulled his car over to help another motorist in distress, little did he know the encounter would end up going viral. Twitter user @AfricanPrize wrote on Thursday how she ran out of gas on the highway, called roadside assistance but learned it would be 90 minutes till they could get there. Luckily, Sheridan stopped, as she Tweeted, "This white man..tattoos all over, pulled up behind me, asked what’s wrong, then came back 10 mins later with gas and said “I didn’t want the cops pulling up to 'help u' and fucking with you.”

According to @AfricanPrize, Sheridan then 'SPED down the highway to the exit to go get me some gas. Then asked me if I needed money for gas (I didn’t)." She added, "The whole point of this tweet is that I don’t usually trust people who look like him so I didn’t except him to be so kind. It’s a lesson to me not to judge a book by its cover. What are some of@you not comprehending?"

"He saw how genuinely shocked I was at how willing he was to help me and said “it sucks that it shocks u that a guy who looks like me is willing to help you, but one step at a time, we will change the world”...I teared up a bit." She then wrote, "This is the wonderful man’s IG (he said it’s ok for me to post it). He plays guitar in a band and owns a tattoo shop here in Atl. Patronize him."

After @AfricanPrize's Tweets went viral, Patrick logged onto Twitter for the first time in years to write, "Well, I guess im back on Twitter after not being on here for a pretty long time. Still dont really know how to use it, But here I am. What a wild day for me and the internet."

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