Philly hardcore crew Fixation (featuring former and current members of The Dividing Line, New Heart, Drowse, and Time’s Up) signed to WAR Records (run by Strife's Andrew Kline) last year, and now they're set t release their Into The Pain EP on May 10 via the label (pre-order physical or digital). We're premiering lead single "The Role," which clocks in at under a minute and a half and is a killer dose of no-frills hardcore. Vocalist Matthew Elliot Green tells us:

"Into The Pain" is all about processing withheld frustrations, painful experiences and undealt with trauma. "The Role" explores the agitation of unwarranted and unsolicited life advice from inadequate sources. Even as a person who's been involved in distrusting, anti-authoritarian punk and hardcore circles for a large portion of my life, there still remained a small part of me that wanted to heed advice from people and groups that maintained a nominal position of looking out for me. There's not one group or instance in mind with this track, but more a culmination of holding my tongue through many experiences with that kind of misstep. Writing this record has been more an act of catharsis than rebellion.

Listen below. The band also has upcoming tour dates, including a Long Island show, which are listed below as well.

1. The Role
2. Spare Me
3. You Feel Nothing
4. No Class

Fixation -- 2019 Tour Dates
4/26/2019 AS220 - Providence, Ri w/ Spine, Antagonize, Rule Them All
4/27/2019 Brewhaus Pub - Lindenhurst, NY w/ Spine, Rule Them All
4/28/2019 No Face Studios - Philadelphia, PA w/ Spine, Rule Them All
5/06/2019 TBA - Wilkes Barre, PA w/ Lower Species
5/08/2019 TBA - Richmond, VA w/ Lower Species
5/12/2019 Emmanuel Episcopal - Quakertown, PA w/ Jesus Piece, Struck Nerve, Drowse, more
5/24/2019 The Burners - Bethlehem, PA w/ Miracle Drug, Dying For It, The Dividing Line

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