by Andrew Sacher


Flag of Democracy is a hardcore punk band from the Philadelphia 'burbs. F.O.D. was formed in 1982 and are still going strong. Their first show was with Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, SS Decontrol, and Crib Death at a Better Youth Organization show in Camden, NJ. []

Flag of Democracy are remastering and reissuing a handful of their albums for this year's Record Store Day (4/18) via SRA Records. One of those is their third full length, 1990's Down With People, which we're premiering a full stream of in this post. If you're unfamiliar with the record, it kept the intensity of F.O.D.'s hardcore roots intact, while also embracing a melodic side that hinted at the poppier punk bands the '90s would bring. Anyone who's been listening to the record for years may prefer the version they're used to, but there's no question the remaster has these songs sounding bigger and cleaner. Check it out, with details on their other reissues, below.

The band is still playing live too. Anyone catch their Philly show a few months ago?


FOD - Love Songs 7" EP (1984)
Remastered on green/pink splattered vinyl with 4 different color record covers (red, pink, orange, green).
2,000 copies pressed, 1,700 of them at RSD

FOD - Down With People (1990)
remixed from 24 track tapes, remastered on yellow vinyl with new artwork from JP Flexner (Beach Slang / Ex Friends). Also on an HDCD (remember those?!... probably not) with the 1991 live record SCHNELLER! as a bonus.
500 LPs, 400 at RSD
1,000 CDs, 500 at RSD

FOD - Hate Rock (1994)
Remastered on orange vinyl. First time on vinyl. Also on CD with Everything Sucks (1996).
1,000 LPs, 800 at RSD
1,000 CDs, 500 at RSD

FOD - Everything Sucks (1996)
Remastered on pink vinyl. First time on vinyl. Also on CD with Hate Rock (1994).
500 LPs, 400 at RSD