Flasher, the indie rock duo of Taylor Mulitz and Emma Baker, released their sophomore LP Love is Yours this year, digging into a poppier, more electronic sound than before. Per Bill's Indie Basement review:

Writing and recording together without the constraints of a traditional band dynamic led Mulitz and Baker (who now share lead vocals duties) to mellower, dancier, poppier territory, using the studio as an instrument. There are songs on their debut album that point in this direction, but the creative freedom they gave themselves on Love is Yours clearly paid off.

As 2022 nears its end, Flasher shared with us a list of their favorite songs (off some of their favorite albums), including picks by Dehd, Sudan Archives, Empath, Posmic, and more. Read on for the list.

Flasher have a pair of live dates in San Francisco coming up in February (one of which is a set at Noise Pop Festival). Tickets and more info here.

Flasher's Favorite Songs of 2022

Dehd - "Hold"

This song is perfect, tbh! Simple, sweet and so catchy. We love Eric’s voice! We love Eric!

My Idea - "Lily’s Phone"

We are obsessed with everything Lily Konigsberg makes, she is truly a pop song wizard. This song is really funny but also feels genuine & relatable. Not sure I’ve ever heard someone burp in a song til this one.

Empath - "Elvis Comeback Special"

This whole Empath record rocks, it was hard to pick one song from it but the chorus of this song is amazing and always gets stuck in my head.

Clear Channel - "Wish List"

Only Clear Channel could make a Christmas song that is good/cool/sexy.

Spllit - "Adobe House"

We played with Spllit in New Orleans earlier this year and I’ve never been so excited to watch a band. If you like freaky noisy mathy but hooky stuff where everyone keeps trading instruments then look no further.

Posmic - "Whirly King"

Posmic is a Baltimore supergroup [members of Post Pink, Wildhoney, Ultra Truth] and every song on Sun Hymns sounds like a timeless classic. Again, it was hard to pick one track but I come back to this one the most.

Bodysync - "Body"

I first heard about this Bodysync record after Will Wiesenfeld (Baths) tweeted about it back in April. Goddamn this whole record feels good and makes me wanna dance and drive fast.

Golden Apples - "High School"

Golden Apples is a Philly band making top notch guitar music. I'm a big fan of the tasteful whammy bar application.

Pendant - "Secret in the Dusk"

I've probably listened to this song 100+ times and it's aging like a fine wine. FFO Daisies, No Age, Beastie Boys.

Sudan Archives - "OMG BRITT"

Natural Brown Prom Queen is an incredible album front to back. My favorite song off it has changed a few times, but right now OMG BRITT is #1.


Flasher -- 2023 Live Dates
2/20 San Francisco, CA @ Noise Pop
2/23 San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop

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