It's 4/20 PM ET on 4/20, and Brooklyn rap trio Flatbush Zombies have announced a new graphic novel, a prequel to their 2016 debut LP, 3001: A Laced Odyssey. Flatbush Zombies- 3001: A Prequel Odyssey is due out in October via Z2 (pre-order), and here's a synopsis:

Erick, Meech, and Juice were just three friends from Flatbush with the power to really move a crowd—until a supernatural crystal changed everything! Now, dark forces are invading the neighborhood to unleash a nightmare entity at Brooklyn's world-famous West Indian Day Parade...and only the Flatbush Zombies stand in their way.

3001: A Prequel Odyssey was written by Rob Markman (Marvel's Voices, Solo) in partnership with Flatbush Zombies, and J.J. Lopez did the art. David Nakayama designed the cover, which you can see below.

"Collecting trading cards and reading comic books was always a way for me to tap into my imagination as a youngin’," Erick Arc Elliott says. "Now that I’m an older man, I still have those memories (which I’m grateful for) and will always pose as a means of pulling inspiration when I’m fresh out of them. To be featured in my own graphic novel is a pretty remarkable feat, I’m super proud to be part of it [but] I’m even more proud that we are representing our city!"

"Never thought we would be immortalized with our own graphic novel, and to highlight where we come from," Zombie Juice says. "That means everything to me. Special thanks to everyone involved who helped make this a reality. I couldn’t be more proud of the art that was created."

Meechy Darko writes:

Picture this.
Lil Meech,Early 90s.
This Around the time when my parents split
But before my pops left the crib to start a new chapter
He gave me his comic book collection...
Listen, Some of them shits was soooo old I was scared to even touch Em’
Mint condition
First issues
Fuckin Flawless
Pretty impressive looking back at it.
Alot of them was even given to him from his Step father years back too so there’s some history.
Late 90s My Uncle Dean Leaves to Join the Army
But before the Wars
He Dumped a big Stack of Comics on my bedroom floor
I still have some of these comics till this day.
Knowing that I can Now contribute something to the collection, something I was part of a wilddd Feeling.
Hopefully I can Pass Em down to the Next Litter.

"Comics and music are my passions and bringing both together with The Zombies is a dream come true," says writer Rob Markman. "Like Meech, Juice and Erick, I’m from Flatbush, Brooklyn, so the stars couldn’t align more perfectly on this story."

"I'm ecstatic to be a part of this project," adds artist J.J. Lopez. "I mean, Rob wrote an awesome story. The Flatbush Zombies have such a raw, contagious energy, and I think we're delivering that here. I can't wait for everyone to join us and the Zombies on this epic adventure!"

Flatbush Zombies released an EP, now, more than ever, and collaborated on a song with James Blake, "Afterlife," last year. Erick the Architect also released a solo EP, Future Proof, in January.

Flatbush Zombies- 3001: A Prequel Odyssey
art by David Nakayama

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