Flatbush Zombies member Meechy Darko released his debut solo album Gothic Luxury in 2022. As the year came to a close he released new single "Sliders" (featuring Flatbush Zombies and Col3trane), and we asked him what his favorite albums of the year were. Here is his response:

Gothic Luxury
The Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Virgil getting his flowers
Rocky almost losing his life in the mosh pit & Tyler making a cake out of it
Will Smith showing his true colors
50 Cent upside down at the Super Bowl
Joey Bada$$ European Tour
The Johnny Depp case
Elon Musk buying Twitter
Tom Brady choosing football over family
Snoop Dogg owning Death Row Records
Viola Davis pissing off Michelle Obama
Lebron James lying about everything.
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Meechy Darko vinyl

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