Baltimore hardcore label Flatspot Records is raffling off two different bundles with rare test pressings from Higher Power, Backtrack, Hangman, Mizery, Rule Them All, Choice To Make, Hands of God, Section H8, Blind Justice, and other bands, with all proceeds going to The Bail Project. They write:

We stand firmly behind the Black Lives Matter movement and wanted to contribute and raise funds for the cause. We are doing 2 raffles w/ 10 different test presses in each raffle. Details below:

10 Test Press Raffle - Bundle #1 & #2

-$10 an entry
-Multiple entires are accepted
-Contest ends this Sunday 6/7 at 10PM EST

-All Proceeds will be donated to The Bail Project
-Flatspot Records will cover all processing fees and match taxes so 100% of your money will be donated to The Bail Project
-We will ship WORLDWIDE and everyone is encouraged to participate

1 winner for each Test Press bundle will be chosen at random to win:

Bundle #1

Backtrack - Lost In Life 12”
Hangman - One By One 12"
Higher Power - Soul Structure 12”
The Extermination Vol.3 Compilation 12”
Mizery - Survive The Vibe 7”
Rule Them All - An Alignment Of Polarity 12”
Choice To Make - Vicious Existence 7”
Manipulate - Becoming Madness 7”
Countdown - Demo 7”
Friend Of Foe - Foe 7”

Bundle #2

Mizery - Absolute Light 12”
Backtrack - Deal With The Devil 7”
Hands Of God - Blueprint For Self Destruction 12”
The Extermination Vol.2 12”
Section H8 - Phase One 7”
Blind Justice - No Matter The Cost 12”
Rule Them All - Dreams About 7”
Outsider - When Love Dies 7”
Backtrack - Can’t Escape 7”
Hangman - A Vile Decree 7”

Enter HERE and see more info on the posters below.


For other ways to help fight racism and police brutality, we put together a list of resources.

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