UPDATE: Fleet Foxes have confirmed that their new album is called Shore and will be released at 9:31 AM Eastern on Tuesday (9/22) via ANTI- Records along with an accompanying 55-minute Super-16mm film, filmed and directed by Kersti Jan Werdal. Here's the announcement and a new teaser video:

The album will premiere right here:

Original article...

Robin Pecknold has been talking about Fleet Foxes' fourth album for over two years, and it looks like the time has finally come. First, François Pottier spotted Fleet Foxes posters in Paris that said "Shore" and the date 9/22/2020 (this Tuesday), and in a followup tweet, Pottier said the album is expected to stream on Tuesday and get a physical release in 2021. According to a post on the r/Indieheads reddit, Robin seemingly confirmed the news by encouraging people on Discord to search "Fleet Foxes" on Twitter.

Robin also posted a teaser video to Instagram that appears to feature some new music, as well as the word "Shore" and the caption "Tuesday." He also wrote in his Instagram stories, "Yoooo next week or so I’ll be posting some promo type stuff on this account but I’ll try to keep it chill," before adding, "forgive me if I post any good feedback I know it’s corny but I’m excited and it’s weird to put out an album from quarantine."

Well, that's exciting! Stay tuned and watch the teaser below.

Earlier this year, Robin debuted new music on the 'Vote Ready' livestream, and Fleet Foxes' 2008 From the Basement performance got an official release.


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