Fleetwood Mac have been in the news all week because Nathan Apodaca (aka TikTok user @420doggface208) made a viral TikTok video where he rides a longboard down a road while drinking Ocean Spray and lip-syncing "Dreams." First, Fleetwood Mac founder/drummer Mick Fleetwood recreated the video himself (watch below), and then Ocean Spray also got involved, surprising Apodaca with a pickup truck full of Ocean Spray, and they're letting him keep both the drinks and the truck (watch that below too).

Now, Mick Fleetwood appeared on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show Radio Andy to discuss the whole thing:

Andy Cohen: Talk to me about your reaction to the video going viral, and then you joining TikTok.

Mick Fleetwood: Yeah, I think that's nice. I've never met, uh, and yet every everyone, uh, everyone and every member of that family is in across the whole planet. It seems like, you know, this gentleman, you know. I just became aware of the whole program, so to speak that is, they have a lot of fun doing, doing stuff. The whole TikTok thing just seems so apropos, uh, whether it stays like that. I don't know, but now it's all about just people having a, an instant way of expressing. And it just seems right across the board very, very much tied into really just free expression and having fun with it, which God knows we all need right now. And I just thought we, you know, a couple of people around me, I said, ‘this is so cool.’ You know, I have believe it or not. I have a lot of my kids are young and connected and, and it just seemed so apropos. So we did it, not really knowing the end result, but supporting him, we know his story and everyone is sort of on that program. Certainly that's why I got connected to it. So it's just a really cool thing. The end result is God knows, uh, especially Stevie who wrote, wrote the song. She must be celebrating right now. And it's great. It's great to be connected, uh, unexpectedly. And that, that's what I think is so cool about this. It's not all super planned and super anything. It's just like, why not? You know, and that that's my, my connect it to it. And that's what it is. It's just, it's so off the wall, uh, and it's fun and look, what's happening. Everyone's just expressing through it and it's getting quirky and he's having a ball and getting some focus in his life. And there you go.

Cohen also asked Mick about the late Eddie Van Halen:

Mick Fleetwood: Really too young to go for sure. Obviously, just as a musician, even if I didn't know him personally, We weren't what you would call like super, super, we worked together and hung together back in the day. We both came out of the same stable, which I am believing if I'm correct it was Warner Brothers, our record label. And so for many years we were sort of out of the same pod. A huge success, but as a musician, obviously for family, uh, it is always what it is extremely, uh, sad. And like my condolences go out obviously to their family.

Andy Cohen: What did you work together on? What did you work together on?

Mick Fleetwood: Well, we, we didn't work together. We just, we just bumped into each other a lot, musically. Yeah. I'm thinking one, one crazy night in Aspen. Uh, I had a little sub band I think it was called The Zoo. And, I remember him coming up on stage and I mean, Eddie was, was someone who could a grab any guitar and you go, he could play it upside down. It's like Jimi Hendrix, but they had a, uh, a magical knack of any old piece of nonsense guitar suddenly, suddenly sounded good. And as a musician, getting back to that comment one, he was a phenomenal, unique player beyond belief, you know, and he had the magic. Of course we were all lucky as listeners and as musicians and people out there that love Van Halen and loves him…..we were given a, such a great musical treat for, for not long enough… just crazy great guy.

Andy also asked Mick about a potential Fleetwood Mac biopic, and Mick replied, "I'm surprised it hasn't been done by now really." Listen to clips of him discussing EVH and the TikTok virality below.

Recently, Mick released "These Strange Times," a "new" song that combines the 1995 Fleetwood Mac song of the same name with elements of the classic "Albatross" by Peter Green, who sadly passed away this year.

In related news, Stevie Nicks released the video for "Rhiannon" off her upcoming concert film Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert. That comes to theaters on October 21 and 25 and a digital album version comes out October 30. Watch that too:


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