Fleshwater, the grunge-gaze band with members of Vein.fm, will follow their 2020 demo with their Kurt Ballou-recorded debut album, We're Not Here To Be Loved, on November 4 via Closed Casket Activities (pre-order). Its nine songs include "Linda Claire" from the demo, as well as the just-released lead single "Kiss The Ladder." Compared to the slower Deftones/Hum vibes of the demo, this new song's a much punchier, poppier take on the genre and kinda feels like Swervedriver or Catherine Wheel at their catchiest, but with Fleshwater's own, modern twist. Listen and watch the video below.

Fleshwater are opening Koyo's sold-out Long Island show on 11/18 alongside Queensway, Innerlove, Dead Last, and Mile High Sunrise, and they also open for Narrow Head in Cambridge on 10/19.

Another Vein offshoot, Living Weapon, open for God's Hate at Brooklyn's Meadows on November 17.

1. Baldpate Driver
2. Closet
3. The Razor's Apple
4. Whoohoo
5. Linda Claire
6. Kiss The Ladder
7. Enjoy
8. Backstairs Breathing
9. Foreign

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