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Half or more of the enjoyment of a Conchords live performance remains Clement and McKenzie's inter-song chats.

It's still too deadpan to be called "banter" and still relies on politely droll Kiwi reserve.

And there's the beginning of what is sure to be a very long-running gag about all the rock'n'roll stuff they get up to on tour - which mainly so far seems to be about Clement being selfish and wasteful with the backstage fruit platters.

And there are new and new-ish songs that make up nearly half the setlist, some of them as musically ambitious and comedically multi-layered as anything they've done.

That's helped by Kiwi cellist Nigel Collins who gets introduced as "the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra" .

"It's not like the orchestras you have here," quips Clement from a stage where a small toy sheep sits next to McKenzie's piano. "In New Zealand, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is a one man band." -[NZ Herald]

New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo, Flight Of the Conchords, kicked off their 2016 North American tour on Wednesday (6/8) at Port Chester's Capitol Theatre. Jemaine Clement and Brett McKenzie brought their low-key sense of humor, favorites from their cult HBO series ("Business Time," "Foux du Fafa," "Bowie's in Space"), and a whole bunch of new songs with them, making for a very fun evening. As mentioned in the review above, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (aka cellist Nigel Collins) joined them on a few songs. Arj Barker, who played Dave Mohumbhai on the HBO series, opened the night and noted the crowd seemed like a "Bernie Sanders-voting, yoga-doing, Game of Thrones-watching kind of audience."

Flight of the Conchords will play Queens' Forest Hills Stadium on July 20 with Eugene Mirman, John Hodgman, and Michael Che (tickets), and then Central Park Summerstage on July 24 with Eugene Mirman (sold out).

Check out a gallery of pics from Flight of the Conchords' Cap show above, and the setlist, below.

SETLIST: Flight of the Conchords @ Capitol Theatre 6/8/2016
Father and Son
Foux du Fafa
The ballad of Stana
Most Beautiful Girl (In the room)
Shady Rachel
F*** on the Ceiling
The Summer of 1353
Bowie's in Space
Encore: Business Time

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