Earlier this year, Drowse released their very good new album Cold Air on The Flenser. Primarily the project of Kyle Bates, the album also featured several contributions from Maya Stoner and sort of sounds like My Bloody Valentine meets The Microphones. Maya and Kyle also play together in Floating Room, but Maya fronts this band. They've got a new album, False Baptism, coming out on June 22 via Good Cheer Records, which Maya helps run (pre-order). It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicholas Wilbur at Anacortes, WA's The Unknown church-turned-studio, which Wilbur co-owns with Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie/The Microphones.

We're premiering the first single "Seashell," along with its video, which also has strong MBV vibes with its glide guitar and sleepy vocals, but in a much more upbeat pop way than Drowse. It's great to hear Maya and Kyle doing this kind of thing too. Here's what Maya tells us about it:

"Seashell "is a triumphant song. Sometimes things are ugly— I remember one time a stranger said I was “too pretty to be screaming out in the streets alone.” I have been that loud mess of a person, struggling visibly. But I am also strong and resilient as heck. I am a natural born space cadet but that’s not a weakness. In an essay, Chus Martínez says “Daydreaming is a way of creating access to grandeur, that is, to a sphere radically opposed to the domestic and different from the social. It empowers an attitude so very exceptional that it takes the daydreamer outside of this world, to another world that bears the mark of infinity.” Daydreaming and even straight up tripping was just the beginning of my healing journey. The video for "Seashell" features views from the tour van window, both conjuring the act of daydreaming and documenting the result of having done so-- being in a much better place, starting this band and going on tours for the first time in my life.

Watch the video below.

The Portland, OR band are also playing a hometown release show on June 21 at Bunk Bar. Tickets go on sale Friday (5/4) at 10 AM Pacific.

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