Flock of Dimes (aka Jenn Washer of Wye Oak) has released her second single "Everything is Happening Today" in anticipation of her upcoming solo debut album, If You See Me, Say Yes. The track, which you can hear below, dials up the electropop buzz from her July single "Semaphore." In a lengthy interview with Rookie Mag. Washer shared this lovely source of inspiration on the track:

I’ve been telling people, when I’m trying to explain what a song or the album is referencing, about this experience I have whenever a season changes: summer to fall, fall to winter, every switch. I don’t know if it’s just a “me” thing, but when there’s a seasonal transition, I feel like a window is opened within me to all the other years I’ve lived through that change and all the memories that come with them are momentarily unlocked. If it’s the first day of autumn after summer, I’ll feel for a split second like every other first fall day in my life is laid out before me. It’s really just a feeling, but it’s so unique and I’ve felt it so regularly my entire life that I really wanted to document it somehow—that’s what the core of “Everything Is Happening Today” is.

If You See Me, Say Yes will be out September 23, and Flock of Dimes will be touring this fall, including a show November 11 gig at NYC's Rough Trade (tickets).

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