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Ohhhhh goodie goodie goodie!

Anthony Vialon
Steve Brooks
Betty Monteavaro
Jeff Sousa
Henry Wilson

We'll be playing select tunes from the "Below and Beyond" boxset with all 3 original drummers (Betty, Jeff and Henry). This is gonna be a blast! 3 Birthdays that week too (Betty, Steve and Jeff)

Floor are getting back together, though unfortunately their two announced dates (below) only include the South so far. Floor recently announced their mega-mega-mega boxset Below & Beyond available for pre-order now from Robotic Empire.

You may recognize the name Steve Brooks (the guy on the far right) from another band that we love, Torche, who are prepping the domestic release of their split with Boris, Chapter Ahead Being Fake. Look for that on Hydra Head next year, and look for Torche at the Harvest of Hope Fest in Florida on March 13th (their only upcoming show for now).

Dig on a video trailer for the Torche/Boris split, as well as a few killer Floor, Torche, and Torche performing Floor videos below.

Floor "Ein (Below & Beyond)" in Brooklyn, 2003

Floor - Live at Emissions V in 2003

Torche - "Assassin" (Floor cover)/ "Charge of the Brown Recluse"

Torche - "Iron Girl" (Floor Cover)

Torche x Boris "Chapter Ahead Being Fake" Official Trailer

Torche - "Tarpit Carnivore" Live @ CBGB 4/9/06

Floor - 2010 Tour Dates
4/2/10 - "Common Grounds" Gainesville, FL (Jeff's birthday)
4/3/10 - "The Earl" Atlanta, GA

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