NJ straightedge/youth crew vets Floorpunch released just one EP (1996’s Divison One Champs), one full length (1998’s Fast Times at the Jersey Shore), and some miscellaneous material before breaking up, but that was enough for them to leave a major impact. They’ve remained influential and the love for them has only grown over the years. They’ve also reunited a handful of times, playing such gigs as This Is Hardcore 2012, This Is Hardcore 2016, the big Dave Franklin tribute in NJ in 2017, United Blood 2019, and more, and now they have finally announced their first NYC show since 2000.

The show is billed as “NYC Edge Day” and it also features Richmond straightedge vets Down To Nothing, plus a killer lineup of newer bands: Regulate, One Step Closer, Reaction, and Brute. It all goes down at Gold Sounds on October 19. Tickets are on sale now.

Floorpunch NYC Edge Day