Florence + the Machine releases her anticipated new album High As Hope this Friday (6/29), and ahead of its release she played a special, intimate NYC show last night (6/24). The show, dubbed "From Your Flowers Grow," was announced via an email sent to Spotify Premium users who have streamed Florence many times, and the location was kept secret. It turned out that the show was in a lot behind the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse. They threw down some sod to make it look like a lawn in front of the stage, and Florence was surrounded on stage by flowers. It was indeed very intimate, with fans -- including three of the Fab Five from the Queer Eye reboot -- just a few feet away from Florence and her band (they'll be much further away on her arena tour later this year). It also got even more intimate when Florence went into the crowd, as she's been known to do.

Florence played seven songs: "Hunger," "Patricia," and "Sky Full of Song" from her upcoming album, plus older faves "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful," "Dog Days Are Over," "Between Two Lungs," and "Shake It Out." You can watch a bunch of videos and see a picture of the setlist from the show below.

Florence's arena tour will have her back in NYC for a Barclays Center show on October 9 (tickets).