Florence + the Machine were recently announced to headline some festivals (like Outside Lands, FYF Fest, Grandoozy, and Osheaga), so it's been seeming like 2018 is the year she finally releases a followup to 2015's fantastic How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. No word on that just yet, but she did just release a new single, "Sky Full of Song," which is set to be released as a 7" single on Record Store Day (4/21). It'll be backed by a recording of "New York poem (for Polly)," from Florence's upcoming lyrics/artwork/poetry book Useless Magic, due July 5 via Crown Publishing/Penguin.

"Sky Full of Song" is a gorgeous ballad that's on the minimal side as far as Florence's music is usually concerned, and her soaring voice is as gripping as ever. If a new album is on the way, "Sky Full of Song" should keep hopes pretty high for it. Watch the AG Rojas-directed video below.

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