Florida emo band dannythestreet are gearing up to release an EP, I Wanna Get to Know Archie Goodwin, this fall on Sun Eater Records (Oolong, Ogbert the Nerd, etc), and we're now premiering the EP's title track. It's a scrappy, yearning emo song that simultaneously channels messy Midwest emo and anthemic power pop hooks, and it features Jer Hunter (JER, Skatune Network, We Are The Union) on horns. Here's what the band tells us about this song and the EP overall:

Originally a single, “I Wanna Get to Know Archie Goodwin,” like much of the dannythestreet catalogue, was put together by a stream of consciousness in the late hours of the night. It’s an homage to bronze-age comic book editor Archie Goodwin, a well-respected name in the history of an industry we wish we could be retroactively "edited into."

When expanding the release to an EP, we looked back on Archie and it pushed us to write more about what matters to us, the media we choose to consume. The otherworldly stories that bring us home. From referencing WWII comics in “Danger Zone” to supernatural manga in “Central 46” to the Araki masterpiece Nowhere (1997) on “Metalcore History,” each track grows more and more real as this release spans a journey from a place of discontent to solace all while wrapped in the warmth of familiarity.

Due to the unprecedented events bringing the world to a standstill, we lost a lot of really special opportunities. As a result, we felt it was imperative to have as much of a hands-on approach to the creation of this work as possible. With a forced isolation our attention to detail was undivided, resulting in 7 tracks entirely written, recorded, and produced in our own home in Union Park, FL.

Pre-order the EP here and listen to the new song below...


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