Florida indie-emo-punks Virginity are releasing their new EP Death to the Party on Friday (6/5) via Wiretap Records (pre-save), and we're premiering the new song "Fall of Try" ahead of the EP's release. Frontman Casey Crawford says:

“Fall of Try" is about self sabotage. My whole life I’ve been kind of cynical and I can talk myself out of anything—even good things because of my low self-esteem. "Fall" is about recognizing that habit in myself and coming to the conclusion that that’s a lot of effort to be putting into something that ultimately makes me feel bad and deciding that it’s time to work on beating that sort of habitual self defeat. In short, it’s about calling myself on my own bullshit.

I'll also add that "Fall of Try" is a super catchy song that's sort of in the Promise Ring/Knapsack/Anniversary realm, and fans of that type of thing should probably give this a spin. Listen: