St. Petersburg, Florida indie/emo band Snacking are releasing a new EP, Painted Gold, on February 15 via Chillwavve Records, and we're premiering lead single "Blacked Out On A Train." The song leans on the calmer side of the genre, sort of in the realm of Pedro the Lion, Death Cab, Into It. Over It., etc, and Snacking deliver all the subtle emotion and melodic twists that you need for this kind of thing.

"We chose 'Blacked Out On A Train' as the single because it's a step in a different direction for us," the band tells us. "It's more dissonant and hectic than anything we've written previously. We thought it would do a good job of attracting new listeners and hopefully surprise those who are already familiar with our prior material."

Listen and compare it to their previous EP (2018's Not Here) below...


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