Debt Neglector are a new-ish Florida punk band led by bassist/vocalist Alex Goldfarb, previously of '90s/'00s melodic hardcore band New Mexican Disaster Squad, who had releases on A-F Records, No Idea, and Jade Tree (he was also in Gatorface, Chemical Ache, No Friends, and Virgins after that). Their new album Dirty Water comes out on November 5 via Smartpunk Records, and new single "Least I Could Do" is a catchy, anthemic ripper that hearkens back to some of the poppier punk that was going on during NMDS' career. Though the song sounds bright and upbeat, it's about a very sad topic: putting down a beloved pet. Alex says:

"Least I Could Do" is a song about having to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Anyone who’s gone through that knows it’s such an impossible decision to make. It fucked me up pretty bad. But the last thing we wanted was for her to suffer on account of us not being ready to let go. I feel like writing a song about it kind of helped me process the experience better. It also lets me honor her in a way because now all that love and pain exists on the internet forever (or at least until civilization collapses!). Admittedly, the song is a HUGE bummer but it’s energetic and super fun to play. It’s also something I think a lot of people can relate to. With the video we wanted to balance out the sad vibes a bit so we got a little silly with our concept. I really like the juxtaposition of this super downhearted song but in the video we’re dressed up like dogs playing frisbee, jumping in the pool, and acting like idiots.

The fun, dog-filled video does indeed balance out the sad vibes, as you can see for yourself below.

Album pre-orders are up now, and 10% of physical record sales will be split evenly between Flint Kids Fund and Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (SBEV) "to help youth affected by the dangerous levels of lead and toxins that were piped into their homes from the Flint River."


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