After The Gaslamp Killer was accused of drugging and raping two women (which he denied), his former label home Brainfeeder posted a statement saying “We did not have any knowledge of the alleged incidents, and condemn any such actions across the board.” Brainfeeder boss Flying Lotus then had a different reaction at his Hollywood Forever Cemetery show on Saturday (10/14), where he ended his set with a Gaslamp Killer song and said to the crowd, “The internet is a fuckin’ liar. Ain’t nobody judge and jury but the fuckin’ law, okay?… Thank you guys so much for coming, let truth and justice have its day," which was captured in a video.

Flying Lotus received much criticism for appearing to defend The Gaslamp Killer, and he has now apologized for his statements in an interview with HipHopDX:

I wanted to sincerely apologize for my comments at my show. I realize they were insensitive. This is a tough time for all of us, as men and women. I’m having trouble finding my voice in all of this. I am truly heartbroken. My stage has always been a place for what’s in my heart until now. I feel as internet-wielding people, we have to learn to give each other space to feel, to honor each other’s reactions and experiences without bullying. I care about this community and its impact so much.

He also said that the video didn't tell the whole story: "There was a lot longer of a speech. It would be awesome to show the whole video. I came at it from a humble place."

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