Mississippi's genre-defying ska punks Flying Raccoon Suit returned this year with their very good new album Afterglow (which we named one of 20 punk, emo, hardcore, etc albums not to miss from winter 2021), and now they've also released a new album with their 8-bit covers project Ska Simulator, the followup to last year's Ska Simulator Vol. 1.

Ska Simulator "was made to be a unique project combining retro game soundtrack ideas with some of our favorite current punk and ska bands," FRS says. And -- if you check out all the original artists -- it also serves as a very effective primer for the many great bands in today's ska scene. (Good timing if SKA DREAM has you itching for more new ska.) The first volume included covers of Catbite, We Are The Union, Omnigone, Stuck Lucky, Kill Lincoln, Joystick, Grey Matter, Hans Gruber and the Diehards, The Holophonics, The Bruce Lee Band, The Fad, The Taj Motel Trio, and one of Flying Raccoon Suit's own songs, and the new one features covers of Bad Operation, Tape Girl, The Best of the Worst, Still Alive, Half Past Two, JER, Poindexter, Backyard Superheroes, Millington, Lo(u)ser, and another FRS song.

Any money made from either of the two albums will go to The Nature Conservancy, and since today (4/22) is Earth Day, what better time to pick this up? Stream both volumes below...


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