Lou Barlow and John Davis' '90s-era group Folk Implosion are back in action. Lou announced the news on Instagram with a picture of the two of them, writing, "Perhaps u know already but Folk Implosion o.g. reconvened last week after a 21 year hiatus," adding, "it was awesome having J.D. around for a couple days and, yes, we’re making new music!"

Lou also points out that the first picture "showcases John Davis’ enduring style, evidenced by his socks," while the second in the Instagram gallery showcases "my unshakable habit of forgetting to zip my zipper.. (just to beat the more observant of u to the punch)."

Formed in 1993, Folk Implosion became unlikely hitmakers when they recorded music for 1995 Larry Clark film Kids and the groovy, low-fi "Natural One" climbed all the way to #29 on the Billboard Hot 100. Barlow and Davis would make two more albums together as Folk Implosion, including 1999's One Part Lullaby for Interscope, before fizzling out. Barlow made a The New Folk Implosion album without Davis in 2003.

Lou's had a busy year. Dinosaur Jr released the very good Sweep it Into Space and will be touring this fall, and Lou also released a terrific new solo album.

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